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Lisa Levine, Lcsw
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Treating Youth, Adults and Athletes


 Lisa F. Levine, Lcsw, specializes in treatment of anxiety, depression, trauma, life changes, relationship issues, grief and loss,  special needs. She works with  youth,  teens, adults, families and athletes. Ms. Levine offers effective,  diverse, personalized  care and therapy to all of her patients, no matter what the struggle or challenge is she is here to help and guide you. She will be there every step of the way and strive to grow from whatever is hindering you and assist you in getting the proper tools that you need to move forward in your daily life. 
 When in counseling with Lisa F. Levine, Lcsw  you will better understand where and how you have the most control in your life. She strives to support and empower individuals, children, teens, young adults, families and athletes through  therapy services. She works with each client to create a collaborative plan that will help them identify and track their progress to achieve their potential.
Lisa will create an open and safe environment for the client to express themselves and their personal challenges.  She  believes  in embracing   unique strengths and abilities to create a life that they wish to live.



Lisa Levine, Lcsw

Lisa Levine, Therapist in Boca Raton and Parkland

I am Lisa Levine, Lcsw, thank you for visiting this site, you have made the right decision by taking the first step to achieving the life that you want! I will use my clinical training combined with my understanding of your background to help you identify a wider range of approaches to living life. I provide an empathetic, and supportive environment, using my clinical background to help you identify a wider range of approaches to living a healthy life. We will work together in helping you make decisions, set goals and engage in healthy relationships. The goal is to identify and explore how your needs, attitudes, thinking, and feelings influence your choices and relationships. The deeper understanding that you develop brings your present life into focus and your future outlook will change significantly.

I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio where I began my social work career. I have been in South Florida since 2003, I have much experience and knowledge in working with a variety of individuals  from all backgrounds. My private practice is located in Boca Raton, Florida. I also have a yoga program for children and adults that is based in schools, day cares and in different community centers and camps. 

It can be difficult when your child or teen is struggling, as a child therapist, I have expertise in helping get your child back on track through cognitive behavioral therapy and other therapies


In Adolescent therapy there  a variety techniques and methods to use to help adolescents who are experiencing difficulties with their emotions and behaviors

Playing sports does not make athletes immune to mental  health challenges. When athletes get hurt, mentally, emotionally and physically.  Athletes need  time to heal, but what about those injuries that are invisible?

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