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 Boca Therapy Services

My Approach

Lisa Levine, Lcsw,(Fl) Lisw, (Tx)  Lisw,(Oh) Lisw-Cp,(Sc)
Yoga Instructor Eryt, 500, Rcyt 

I work with a wide range of individuals from all types of backgrounds. I treat each individual based on what their needs are, I create  personalized  approaches to healing. I will work with you to create collaborative plan that will enable you to meet your personal goals. I will help you to have a better understanding of your concerns, worries and fears, and guide you down a path that will help you manage  and minimize their effects on your life. My overall goal is to help individuals  to achieve personal goals as efficiently as possible. 

 When in counseling with me, you will better understand where and how you have the most control in your life. Sometimes, these pivot points maybe different than we expect at first. I work with adolescents, adults, and athletes, over the ages of 16 years. 

I will use my clinical training combined with my understanding of your background to help you identify a wider range of approaches to living life. I am a trauma trained therapist who combines different treatment modalities based on an individual basis.  Providing  an empathetic, and supportive environment , I will use the knowledge and experience that I have  to help you identify a wider range of approaches to living a healthy life. I will assist you in making decisions, set goals and engage in  healthy relationships. I will  provide a supportive, empathetic environment, I will guide you and provide suggestions and ideas on how to assist you on your journey in creating the life that you desire. I am an "outside" of the box thinker, and will come up with treatment plans, techniques and strategies that will meet your needs. 


The goal is to identify and explore how your needs, attitudes, thinking, and feelings influence your choices and relationships. The deeper understanding that you develop brings your present life into focus and your future outlook will change significantly. 

I take certain insurance plans and have a sliding fee scale to meet you needs so that you can get the assistance that is needed.

When you feel you are  ready to take the next step and make an appointment contact me  at this number:


Therapist fo children, adults an families in Boca Raton and Parkland

A Little About Me

 I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio and moved to Florida in 2003. I  enjoy working out, taking walks on the beach, and I am a yoga practitioner  at heart. I have many different certifications  in meditation, mindfulness, energy psychology, sound bowl healing and yoga. I am a certified yoga instructor, ERYT-200, RYT-500 and RCYT, for children and adults. I have a yoga program called Katie's Kids Yoga that is in many schools, camps, other and settings. I also work with athletes, presently playing sports and retired athletes who are suffering from emotional, and physical trauma. 

I incorporate meditation, mindfulness and yoga into my daily life. I am a huge advocate for animals and children, very passionate about my yoga program that is in a number of school and camp settings. I am the dog momma, I have beautiful, sweet kind dogs who bring a lot of love to me and other individuals. I also do work with animal rescues. I also enjoy hiking, traveling, the beach, out door activities, and swimming.  

Lisa Farah  Levine's Credentials and Activities

  • ​Under Graduate Degree in psychology in 1993 From Ursuline College

  • Graduate Degree in 1999 from Case Western Reserve University

  • Licensed Social Worker  in State of Ohio in 1999

  • Licensed Social Worker-August, 2001

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Florida 2013- Lic-11706

  • Provides Services as a Solo Therapist

  • Certified Adoption Assessor- 2002

  • Client Centered Therapy-2005

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapist 2006 and added Trainings in  2010 and 2014

  • Solution Focused- 2004

  • Filial Therapy 2010

  • Psychopharmacology 2010

  • Art/Play Training, 2013

  • Intensive Child Play Centered Play Therapy 2014

  • Child/Adult Sexual, Physical and Emotional Abuse 2015 and 2016

  • Registered Yoga Teacher -200 2012

  • Mindfulness Meditation Schools Trainings 2016

  • Registered Children's Yoga Teacher-May, 2020

  • Trauma Informed 40 hour training-2 July-2020

  • Trauma Informed 40 Hour Training-November-2021

  • Dialectual Behavior Therapy Courses-2017

  • Cognitive Behavioral  Therapy Training Course(refresher)-2020

  • Engages in continuing education, on a wide variety of subjects each year through trainings and work shops, Just ask!

Areas of Expertise

Anxiety Disorders

Mood Issues 


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 

Grief and Loss Issues 

 Men's Issues


Professional Athletes

Relationship Issues

 Adult  Issues

Adolescent and Child

Communication Issues


Attention/Focus Issues 

Life Changes

Self Esteem/Confidence

Special Needs/Aspergers

Life Coaching



Lisa offers a practical cognitive behavioral, client centered  therapy approach aimed at a timely symptom and problem resolution. Lisa has training in Mindfulness and Yoga and can work with you on tools to use in order to assist in ways to lead a healthy life and manage emotions   She will challenge you to try new ways of thinking or different ways of looking at situations in order to be who you want to be. She will also work together with you to determine what obstacles are in the way. Lisa will assist you in developing tools and skills to overcome barriers that are being experienced  in order to gain personal connection and control.  Lisa inspires her clients to  feel empowered, and confident in order to meet their goals.

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