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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Peak Performance Athletics Programs
Striving to Assist Young Athletes Achieving Their Potential
Movement- Mindfulness-Motivation



Our Mission

Empowering student athletes with holistic tools and practices, such as yoga, mindfulness, 
breathwork, and mental resilience training, to enhance their athletic performance, academic success, and overall well-being. Through comprehensive programs and resources, our programs  aim to help student-athletes cultivate physical strength, mental focus, emotional balance, and personal growth, enabling them to thrive both on and off the field.

Benefits of Mindfulness and Yoga Programs for Athletes
Mindfulness  is embracing the here and now, fully immersing yourself in the present moment and treating your thoughts and emotions with kindness. It allows you to acknowledge distractions without letting them consume you. By practicing mindfulness, athletes can improve their mental toughness and overall performance on the field, tuning out the distractions and creating a positive mindset. 

Benefits of Mindfulness and Yoga Programs with



Improve focus and concentration: Mindfulness  and Yoga enhances concentration and reduces distractions for student-athletes during training and competitions. 

Manage stress: Mindfulness and Yoga  techniques help student-athletes manage stress, from performance pressure to maintaining grades to dealing with injuries

Boost performance: Mindfulness  and Yoga fosters focus and reduces anxiety, leading to improved athletic performance and the ability to get into the zone or state of flow. 

Assist with recovery: Mindfulness and Yoga supports emotional and psychological aspects of injury recovery, helping athletes keep a positive and proactive mindset and resiliency.

Enhance self-awareness and emotional regulation: Mindfulness and Yoga increases self-awareness, enabling better understanding and management of thoughts, emotions and reactions for improved decision-making on and off the field.

Mental Health Awareness: Mindfulness and Yoga  practices help to stay present, be aware of emotions and feelings and how to manage. We incorporate mindfulness practices in with therapy services, teaching youth coping techniques, ways to manage stress, decrease performance anxiety, build a healthy support system and set realistic goals.

Services Provided
Mental Health Therapy--Life Coaching--Mentoring--Strength Training
Individual-Small Group-Team Work
We create a program that meets the needs of your program

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