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Boca Therapy Services

Additional Services for Athletes,
Family Members and Friends
An athlete can have it all. Stamina, endurance, skills, and a work ethic during play and out of play. However you will find that athletes can have physical, and  emotional limits. It is important that athletes pre-play, play and after play obtain the support they need from loved ones. If they are close friends or a family member it is important to be involved in watching games and than when retirement sets in, it is even more important to be present and supportive as this is a huge transition  and change. Players of all ages need as much support as they can get.   
Often times family members and friends struggle with understanding what a player is going through, why there are changes in mood, or behavior, why the person might be getting angry or unable to focus or self regulate. I can help family members and friends through therapeutic services, provide support and guide on how to assist through difficult times. Playing any type of sport can be anxiety producing and traumatic even. 
The following is a list of services and programs that are offered to family members, friends and athletes:
Individual Therapy
To address performance on and off the field by improving your mental game. Not only that but talking about and addressing your stressors off the field can help you focus on your sport. Pressures from playing the sport you love. Pressures from family, friends, coaches or family members regarding injuries, mental health issues, pressures of play, that one puts on themselves to be the best can get a way of achieving goals. 

Family Therapy
Family therapy is a form of treatment that is designed to address specific issues affecting health and functioning of a family. It is used to address family dynamics, physical and mental health issues, injuries, and  personality changes amongst other areas of concern. Focus on restructuring  the family ,increasing healthy communication and interactions as well as ways to have a better understanding of what your loved who is an athlete is going through. 

Couples Therapy
Couples seek therapy to achieve better communication, trust, enhance intimacy and honesty. among other reasons. these sessions will provide guidance on how to improve your relationship and have a better understanding of one another.  
Addresses common problems found in relationships: affairs and infidelity, communication issues, emotional distance, intimacy issues, significant life events and overcoming trauma. Despite these issues, there are solutions to each of them. 

Case Management Services
Linking individuals to  resources that are needed such as psychiatric care, psychological care, medical care or any other services that you need.  We will assist you in making calls, or sending emails to get the services that you need. 

Values outreach and community involvement. Workshops are provided upon request and scheduled, there are a variety of topics that will be discussed emotional issues, mental health, relationships issues, goal setting, mindfulness, yoga, meditation, tapping, pain tolerance and more. Workshops can be pre-recorded, in person or virtual. Lisa Farah Levine is available to speaking engagements, and presentations as well as yoga, mindfulness and meditation. 

Mentoring Services
Provide mentoring services  that empowers athletes, while encouraging them to achieve their goals. Providing support and guidance to acclimating to the life of being an athlete and managing between work and school and other life situations that they are faced with.  Assisting young players who are in high school to increase skills to problem solve, cope and manage stressors. Individuals will have assistance in increasing  decision making skills, and life skills and the ability to problem solve in healthy and age appropriate ways. 
This is a free service that is being providing. Please contact us for more information on this program, an application and consents  must be filled out. We also work with athletic teams and individuals one on one. 
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