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Making the decision to seek therapy is not easy; we often feel like we should be able to solve problems on our own. We feel like asking for help or attending therapy means something is fundamentally wrong with us, or we are embarrassed someone will find out. All of us need help sometimes. Life can be very challenging, and negotiating work, family, and other demands often feels  endless most times. With Lisa's  knowledge and experience she can help you make meaning out of adversity. Lisa's approach is collaborative and her  belief is  that together we can come up with goals and outcomes that will help you achieve balance and equilibrium. Lisa provides in office, in home, in school and community based therapy services. Lisa uses Solution focused, cognitive behavioral  techniques in combination with client centered approach  to assist clients in dealing with life's challenges.

Services Provided:

Individual therapy

Children's therapy

Family Therapy

Adult therapy

Group Therapy

Yoga Therapy

Treatment Centers

Court Cases

My Specialties:


Mood Disorders



Childhood Disorders

Divorce/Relationship Issues

Life Transitions

Academic/Behavioral Issues

Anger Issues

Stress Management


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Yoga Therapy and Mindfulness
Yoga Therapy is a combination of Yoga, relaxation, therapeutic and relaxation techniques designed on an individual/family basis.  Lisa will help you adapt the tools of yoga to help heal the specific problem. Where Yoga keeps us on a steady path of wellness and regular practice provides us with the equanimity to cope with the stresses we are faced with, Yoga Therapy specifically targets the root cause of affliction. The goal of Yoga therapy is to heal by appeasing the symptoms, positively enhance quality of life and thereby reducing suffering. Yoga is not chemical and is used as a complement to other systems of treatment. 

Yoga Therapy is Effective For:

-Reducing Anxiety
-Increasing Mood Levels
-Sleep issues
-Weight Issues
-Anger Issues
-Attention/Focus and Concentration
-Physical Fitness
-Health and Wellness
-Health Issues

Lisa F. Levine, LCSW - Counseling Services 
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