Children & Adolescents- Therapy
Specialized knowledge and experience regarding the complex emotions of adolescence and childhood is needed to successfully address problems faced by youth. Emotions during fragile adolescence are particularly complex and require special attention.
Trust your child’s care to a professional who incorporates techniques designed for children

​​​​Lisa F. Levine, LCSW


Lisa F. Levine has over 20 years of experience providing therapy/ mental health services to adults, children, families, and couples. Lisa has extensive training and experience in cognitive behavioral treatment,  play activities to assist children in expressing feelings and traumatic experiences,  trauma focused therapy , art activities in a therapeutic setting to encourage expression of feelings, client centered therapy, parent education, stress management and relaxation techniques.

As a therapist, Lisa is engaging, and her goal is to assist clients in living a more fulfilled and happy life.  Lisa is warm, empathetic, supportive and enjoys helping others utilize their potential  to overcome obstacles, solve problems effectively, and cope with daily life struggles in a physically and emotionally healthy manner.

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​​Lisa F. Levine, LCSW, RYT - Boca Raton, Florida 33433- 954-815-5252-

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Families & Couples
Premarital and divorce counseling, relationship therapy and help with parenting challenges, as well as family issues are all available. ​Positive family relationships form the foundation for personal well being. Support and insight are crucial to successfully resolving relationship difficulties. 

Lisa F. Levine, LCSW - Counseling Services 
 Children, Adults and Families

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Who benefits from therapy?

Therapy helps children, adults, couples and families struggling with life’s difficult transitions. Lisa can  help you  by teaching tools and techniques to ease symptoms and provide guidance through these  challenges that you are faced with. She can help people return to feeling in control of their emotions by processing  feelings and finding effective ways to cope.

Provider for Humana, Cigna, and Step up For Students

Participating in psychotherapy offers a number of benefits:

-Therapy can give you a fresh perspective on a difficult problem and aid you to a resolution.

-Being able to understand yourself and  your personal goals better.

-Developing skills for improving relationships.

-It can help with stress management.

-Helps with self awareness.

-Increase ways to cope with mood, and anxiety.

-Can increase self awareness, mindfulness and insight.

Adults- Therapy
Life's transitions may include death, loss of relationships, illness, trauma, abuse relocation or separation/divorce. Every individual is unique and deserves customized guidance from a caring professional.